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The American Presidency – An Internet Exercise:

The American Presidency – Online Learning
Visit the sites above and answer the following questions:
What is the oath of office that the President takes?
What are the three separate branches of government?
Was the President's Cabinet included in the Constitution?
What is the function of the Cabinet?
Who was the nation's third President?
Does the President have the highest position of authority in America? Explain your answer.
George Washington Unit: Kindergarten and Grade One   Lesson and Skills – PDF
President's Day Activities – Lesson and Skills – Early elementary

Inauguration Ceremonies:Lesson and Skills:

Dreams of a Barefoot Boy
By fourth grade students should be expanding their horizons and looking at the lives of our many other Presidents.This site offers an excellent glimpse into and study of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, with valuable exercises in evaluating primary documents and a list of student activities to extend their online research   try writing a letter to a youthful Eisenhower, for instance, explaining our vast use of and dependence upon technology today.

Dear Presidential Diary: - Explore

What would it be like to be President for a day?Students will write a diary entry for their own lives, and then visit different sites to get a glimpse at a day in the life for an American President. They will compare their lives to that of a President, understanding the roles and duties of executive leadership and visiting the PBS interactive exhibit, President for a Day. Links for student research and assessments are included.

Starting a Government from Scratch Lesson and Skills
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